North Korea: The Most Censorsed Country In The World

It has been known from sources that North Korea has publicly executed as many as 80 officers for watching South Korean daily soap. North Korea has been known to impose harsh censorship laws on its people. Its media is strictly controlled by the North Korean government. Content shown on Televisions and the internet is regularly monitored. Laws are made to protect the North Korean citizens from foreign and modern influence.

Television sets are preset to derive only a particular frequency occurrence, no one is allowed to fiddle or manipulate the equipment. Despite all these restrictions in South Korean daily soaps have become widely popular among the masses. DVDs are secretly smuggled into the country. Copies of South Korean television series and programs are confidentially sold in the black market.

RIGOROUS: The young dictator has reportedly killed 50 officials in 2014 itself.

STRICT: Out of the 50 people who were deceased, 10 of them were from Kim Jong Un's  Workers' party.

Cruel: According to  South Korea's Intelligence Service, these officials were publicly executed in front of a 10,000-strong crowd.

North Korea's human rights record have been regarded as the worst in the world. The North Korean governmet has made it very difficult for anyone to enter the country. Foreigners are allowed in the country only for the purpose of tourism.  In 2014, a UN published a detailed, 400 page report score based on testimonies that depict the ferocity committed in the region.