8 Astonishing Facts About Human Organ Trafficking

1. Kidneys In Demand

Human Kidneys are sold online for a price ranging from $70-80k. Kidney makes up 75% of all sales in the black market. Due to increase in number of patients of diabetes and blood pressure, kidneys are in huge demand.

Demand Of Organs

2.  Findings of WHO

According to a research done by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 11,000 human organs are sold each year in the black market for the cause of transplantation. This accounts for 20-30% of all transplantations done each year.

Kidney Donor

3. Harsh Conditions

Most of the people trade their body organs under the influence of harsh economic conditions. A donor from a developing country gets around $5000 for a kidney. This money is sufficient enough for him to pay his debts and bills.

Poor Living Conditions

4. Price Difference

In certain countries like Singapore, South Korea donors are paid as high as $300,000 for a kidney, whereas in developing countries like Pakistan, donors are paid as little as $1000.

Price of Organs In Different Countries

5. Contaminated Organs

Organs bought from black market have a huge risk of infection, 2-5% of the organs are contaminated.

Organ Contamination

6. Mass Killing

Over 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners in China were killed over a period of 8 years for their body organs. These killings took place with the knowledge of the government of China.

Falun Gong Execution

7. Waiting List

More than 140,000 people in the world are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Every 10 minutes, a new inductee is added to the waiting list. In some countries a person has to wait for as long as 7 years for a kidney transplant.

Waiting List Deaths

8. Registering For Organ Donation

One of the major causes for organ trafficking is shortage in number of donors. Registering for organ donation is the only way to tackle this problem. More than 120 million people in the United States Of America have already signed up to be an organ donor. 60% of the donors are male, while 40% are female.

Organ Donation