Animal Testing

Each year more than 115 million animals are socially isolated, traumatized, crippled and abused for the sake of research and experimentation. These animals are latched inside puny cages, awaiting the next experiment to be performed on them. Since animals have 95% genetic similarities to humans, scientists feel that animals are the best alternatives to cure human diseases.

Death Penalty/ Capital Punishment

58 countries in the world still support the death penalty and continue to execute people for their misdeeds. The death penalty is not only related to capital offenses, as in certain countries, a person could face execution, for some very minor crimes like stealing, possessing drugs, atheism or for having a homosexual relationship. And in some nations, even the juvenile offenders (below 18 years of age) are not pardoned from these killings.

Dog Spinning In Bulgaria

The locals claim that the intent of this ritual is to protect them from rabies and evil spirits. The truth being said, most of the people indulge in this dog spinning ritual only for the purpose of their fun and enjoyment as most of these people are seen

laughing and clicking pictures of the helpless dog. And obviously everyone knows that spinning dogs won’t cure any rabies! So basically, the whole thing is just a source of amusement for the local dwellers.

Whale Hunting In Japan

After the 1986 ban, Japan has been able to find a loophole in the IWC guidelines that allow countries to hunt whales for the purpose of scientific research. Japan claims that through this research, they want to study the size, dynamics and examine the effect of environmental changes on different species of whale. But various anti-whaling nations claim that these testing’s can be conducted harmlessly without killing even a single whale.   

Bear Baiting In Pakistan

Bear Baiting is a type of exhibition where a captive bear is attacked by a bunch of hunting dogs for the sake of public’s entertainment.  These events occur chiefly in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. At these events, a captive bear is  brought and is shackled

to a nearby  fence or pole in order to restrict his movement. At the time of the fight, a bunch of trained wild dogs are let loose on the defenseless bear. Each fight takes place for around three minutes.

Water Shortage

Available freshwater is not enough to satisfy the demand of 7 billion people. Around one billion people on earth today does not have access to clean and safe drinking water. 60%  of the total fresh water consumed is wasted each day due to our negligence and irresponsible attitude. 

With growing population and rising temperature, evaporation rate will increase and annual global rainfall is meant to decrease. It is estimated that if we go by same pace, by 2050 around 3 billion people will face water shortage.

Nem Thuong Pig Sacrifice Festival

Two pigs are picked out and choked inside puny wooden cages. Local village folks march these pigs around the village. These pigs are then brought in front of the village temple where the sacrificial ceremony is performed. At the time of ritual killing, the pigs are made to lie on their back and their legs are tied up with ropes in order to prevent their movement. Pigs’ head is chopped off in front of a live crowd of hundreds of people.

Thaipusam Festival

This festival is celebrated to express gratitude to Lord Murugan for his blessings and goodwill. People express their gratitude by carrying a load (kavadi) upon their head most of the time it’s a vessel filled with cow’s milk. Stabbing one’s tongue, cheek or back with spikes and spears is also a type of kavadi. Devotees assert that during this period they feel no discomfort and this process helps them to regain their spiritual strength and zeal.

Child Prostituion

Sex tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry. Due to fear of HIV/AIDS there is an immense demand for virgins and underage prostitutes. The valuation of a prostitute depends on her age, class. A middle class girl between the ages of 16-18 is paid 100 dollars dollars. An upper class girl below the age of 13 is paid as much as 500 dollars. Victims are trafficked to different

countries and they find it hard to understand the foreign culture and language and hence they're left helpless.

North Korea Human Rights

It has been known from sources that North Korea has publicly executed as many as 80 officers for watching South Korean daily soap. North Korea has been known to impose harsh censorship laws on its people. Its media is strictly controlled by the North Korean government. Content shown on Televisions and the internet is regularly monitored. Laws are made to protect the North Korean citizens from foreign and modern influence.

Yoga For Healing
Climate Change Denial

Though global warming is primarily responsible for the increase in earth’s average temperature, there are several multinational oil companies that are spending billions of dollars in spreading counter propaganda among the masses. From 2003 to 2010, oil giants have spent around $558 million on

various climate change denial campaigns, to obstruct any change in climate policies. All this is done to erode public’s belief regarding global warming.

Injustice To Women's Rights In Afghanistan

Life here in Afghanistan has been particularly tough for women. She has very little to accomplish and is merely seen as a child producing machine. Women in Afghanistan live under fear and are denied the basic fundamental rights. Cultural restrictions in Afghanistan are to be blamed for such oppressive treatment against women.

Baby Tossing Ritual In India

At Baba Umer Durga Shrine in the village of Solapur, India tossing babies through a height of 50 feet is an annual affair. This ritual has been taking place for over last 700 years and is meant for babies below the age of 2 years. Though the whole event may sound irrational to an outsider, but the locals claim that this ritual is intended to bring good health and grandeur to the newly born baby.

Amazonian Rainforest Deforestation

Amazon is responsible for 20% of the earth’s oxygen supply and is a home to millions of animal species,  but over past few decades, it has fallen prey to reckless deforestation. Since last 40 years, 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down for commercial purposes and it has been estimated that if it goes on with the same pace, by 2060, the whole rainforest will be destroyed.

Cargo Theft

Each Year billion dollars’ worth of cargo is transported throughout America by ships, aircrafts and trucks. Many a times this freight falls prey to the cargo thieves before it could reach its rightful owner. Cargo theft  theft is solely causing around $30 billion worth of loss to

industries in the USA annually. Most of these groups target the high priced and easy to sell items. The cargo thieves are already tipped off regarding the upcoming shipments.

Human Organ Trafficking

Organ trafficking is a type of dealing where organs of a poor person are sold to a wealthier buyer for the cause of implantation. Most of these dealings happen in the black market through traffickers who are willing to harvest a person’s body in order to make some top dollars. Each year billion dollars’ worth of human organs are trafficked to different countries for the intent of transplantation.


The gang has extended its membership and has around 75,000 gang members spread worldwide and has 20,000 members in United States itself. MS-13 is known for its ruthlessness and senseless acts of violence. Over the years MS-13 have grown more sophisticated and has strengthened its involvement in human trafficking, money laundering, extortion and illegal immigration.

Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival

Yulin,China  is know for it's dog and cat meat festival which takes place each year on 21st june. As many as 10,000  dogs and cats are killed each year for human consumption. Local government had claimed that the festival was shut down this year due to large criticism from animal rights.

campaigners but thorough investigation by animal rights group showed that thousands of animals were still taken in to cages and killed before the festival.

Gadhimai Festival

 As many as five hundred thousands animals which include cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rats, pigeons, rabbits, etc are sacrificed to please Hindu goddess Gadhimai as it is believed that this would bring them prosperity and free them from evil, sin and sadness. Thousands of animals are crammed inside the concrete wall outside the temple. The festival is funded by Nepal government, businessmen and money lenders.