Nepal’s Gadhimai Festival: World’s Biggest Animal killing ritual

Gadhimai is the world's largest animal sacrifice ritual which takes place after every 5 years at Gadhimai temple in Bara district of Nepal. As many as five hundred thousands animals which include cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rats, pigeons, rabbits, etc are sacrificed to please Hindu goddess Gadhimai as it is believed that this would bring them prosperity and free them from evil, sin and sadness.

Thousands of animals are crammed inside the concrete wall outside the temple. A group of 250 devotees is selected to perform the sacrificial ritual. The priest offers few drops of his blood that combines with the blood of other animals and is presented in front of the Gadhimai statue in the temple. The festival is funded by Nepal government, businessmen and money lenders. Deals are made with these businessmen and trucks are commissioned to take away the flesh and bones of these animals which are sold in different parts of India to make leather shoes and belts.

Crowd At Gadhimai Temple

RELIGIOUS: Around 5 million people pay a visit to Gadhimai temple out of which 80% people are from India.

Sacrifice of Pigeon, Rooster,Ducks,Buffaloes

CRUEL: The rite starts with the sacrifice of pigeon, rooster, ducks, buffaloes by the head priest.

Getting Ready For The Sacrificial Ceremony

SPIRITUAL:  A group of 250 devotees is selected to perform the sacrificial ritual.

Animals Killed

VICIOUS: Over 250,000 animals were killed during Gadhimai festival of 2014.

Blood Of Sacrificed Animal

SICK: A devotee drinking blood of a sacrificed animal.

Horibble Animal Sacrifice festival comes to an end.

Ram Chandra Shah, chairman of the Gadhimai temple trust declared a ban on the 300 year old ritual of animal sacrifice. This development came due to years of protest from Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) and  due to the prohibition on the transportation of animals to Nepal by Indian government. Mr Shah assured that the 2019 festival will take place without  any bloodshed and will be celebrated with jubilation and peaceful worship.

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