9 Unbelievable Facts About Tropical Amazon Rainforest

1.Extremely Diverse

One out of 10 know animal species lives in the Amazon rainforest. Scientists have calculated that Amazon is a home to 40,000 plants, 3000 fish, 1300 birds and 428 mammal species. There are many more species that are still yet to be discovered by the mankind. According to a new research, it would take us at least 300 years to successfully discover all the plant species in the Amazonian forest.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

2. The Mighty Amazon River

The Amazon River is the second largest and the world’s widest river. The width of the river varies from 1 to 6.2 miles during dry seasons, but swells up till 30 miles and more during the rainy season. Due to this enormous width, it’s has been almost impossible to build even a single bridge across this humongous river.

In terms of volume, Amazon River contains one-fifth i.e. 20% of the earth’s fresh water supply. It contains more water than the next 7 largest rivers in the world altogether. This river is also a home to some of the earth’s most dangerous aquatic animals like Green Anacondas, Electric Eels, Bull Sharks and Red-Bellied Piranhas.

The Mighty Amazon River

3. Nearing Its End

Due to heedless human activities, Amazon at present is facing its worst condition and is about to near its end. Due to deforestation, we have already lost 20% of the Amazon cover. Scientists claim that, due to global warming, a 3 degree increase in temperature would result in the destruction of 50% of the Amazon forest (due to drought) and a 4 degree increase would result in an 85% loss.

Amazon Deforestation

4. The Amazon Spread

The Amazon is spread across 1.2 billion acres. It covers 40% of the land surface of South America and has a presence in nine different countries. Rainforests in total, occupy 6% of the earth’s land area and Amazon makes up 54% of this rainforest.

Amazon Spread

5. Perfect Climate

Amazon receives heavy rainfall, on an average it gets 108 inches of rainfall each year and has an average temperature of 80 degree Fahrenheit (26.6 degree Celsius). These conditions make it possible for a huge diversity of species to live in Amazon.

Amazon Climate

6. Native People

More than 20% of the Amazon land is occupied by the native people. Most of these tribes have settled near the river. They hunt fish and depend on forest for providing them fruit, vegetables and medicines. These people are constantly terrorized by the logging, mining companies to give up their land. Due to these reasons, most of these people have started shifting to the cities. 

Amazon Tribes
Kayapo Tribe Of Amazon

7. Lungs of the world

Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and is often termed as the” Lungs of the World”. Amazon is responsible for 20% of the total oxygen supply on earth.

Lungs Of The World

8. Value of each Acre

An acre of Amazon land given up for cattle grazing, fetches the owner only $60 and if the same acre of land is used for harvesting timber, it would get him $400. But if the owner decides to use that one acre of his land for harvesting renewable and sustainable resources, it can easily earn him as much as $2400.

Logging Trucks

9. Mass Destruction

At present, we are losing 1 acre of rainforest each second and dozens of animal species are getting extinct each day. So if we don’t act now, then these figures are only about to get worse.

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