9 Mind Boggling facts about Cargo theft

1. Non Serious Crime

Being a non-violent crime, cargo theft is considered as one of the most underrated and non-serious crime.

Cargo Theft Non-Serious Crime

2. Most Stolen Products

Food is the most stolen item in cargo theft. More than 25% of the items in cargo theft are food related.

Cargo Theft By Product Type

3. Holiday Weekends

Cargo theft increases by 40% on holiday weekends. There is a huge influx of shipments on these days as many people opt to go out for shopping.

Shopping Truck

4. Average Value

The average value of cargo theft peaked at 554,105 in 2009. Since then the value has steadily declined with an average loss per theft being $200,000 in 2015.

Average Loss Per Theft

5. Port Cities

Most of the cargo thefts occur in the port cities since tons of shipments are unloaded and transported on a daily basis.

Cargo Theft At Port Cities

6. Cargo Theft In USA

In terms of total loss, United Sates ranks first with 30 billion dollars’ worth of loss annually.

Cargo Theft In Usa

7. Countries At Highest Risks

According to a research done by FreightWatch International, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Russia and South Africa have the highest risk of cargo theft.

8. Cargo Unguarded

80-90% of the incidences happen when the cargo is left unattended. Most of them happening in the truck stops and parking lots.

Cargo Statistics

9. Crime Goes Unreported

Most of the small scale cargo theft crimes go unreported. 

Cargo Theft Goes Unreported