Women Spends  £15000 To Protect 360 Dogs From Yulin Meat Festival

Yang Xiaoyun With Her Dogs

Love : Yang Xiaoyun with her rescued dogs

Yang Xiaoyun,66 who is a retired school teacher and active animal rights activist reportedly  paid £ 15000 dollars to save 360 dogs in festival in 2014 and £700 to rescue 100 dogs in 2015.

Yang Xiaoyun who lives in Tianjin, China  gave up her teaching profession to run a animal shelter house. She had spent all her savings for rescuing dogs in yulin festival. Ms yang started sheltering dogs since 1995 after sudden death of her husband. Since then she has adopted over 3000 dogs which live in her animal shelter house. Apart from saving dogs from dining tables, Ms Yang is also planning to launch a series of animal-loving campaigns in Yulin, where eating dogs is tradition.

Rescued Dogs

Affection :  Ms Yang with her rescued dogs

Rescue Centre

CARE : Ms yang with dogs in her animal rescue centre