10,000 dogs killed at Yulin’s Annual Dog And Cat Meat Eating Festival

yulin dog meat festival

Cruel:  Animals are being slaughtered in the open market

Yulin,China  is know for it's dog and cat meat festival which takes place each year on 21st june. As many as 10,000  dogs and cats are killed each year for human consumption. Local government had claimed that the festival was shut down this year due to large criticism from animal rights campaigners but thorough investigation by animal rights group showed that thousands of animals were still taken in to cages and killed before the festival.

Many dogs and cats are abducted from households,many of them still wearing their collars  in order to make some quick money. Many dogs suffer not only physically but also mental torture. They are crammed into small cages and have their throat slit. Animals are traumatised and beaten to death.

Earlier the festival was advertised by Yulin government in order to get some tourist attraction in their city but due to large outcry from animal rights protection group they distanced themselves from festival and announced new restrictions this year .

Chinese dog beaten and tortured in open market

Awful : Animals are being beaten and tortured in the open market

Dogs Captured In Cage

Brutal:  Animlas are crammed into tiny cages getting ready to be slaughtered

Dogs sold in market

Dreadful : Animals meat being sold in the open market for the festival

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Join  the  worldwide  protest  to  stop  the  yulin  dog  meat  festival

Due to active support from animal rights activists less than 1000 animals were killed in the yulin 2015 meat festival. You can do your part by signing this online petition in order to stop this festival of cruelty. Your support can help to pressurise Yulin government to stop this dog meat festival.